Users' Voice

Users' Voice

"Your company has made this trip a fulfilling and memorable one.

I can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done.
I was satisfied with all aspects of the clothing rental service, including the quality of the garments and the ease of receiving and returning them. I was also delighted with the concierge service. Your valuable advice made planning the trip much more manageable."

by Chen Ying-Chuan (Taiwan)



"Responsive and helpful customer service!

Convenient online booking service.
It was easy to pick up at the hotel and to return easily.
It was an easy-to-use navigation tool for finding directions.
I got accessible and detailed information about local people and culture."

by Loletta Lam (Hong Kong)

"I was able to obtain valuable travel information that I could not get in Taiwan!

In particular, I recommend the pre-trip concierge. I am afraid the staff spent a long time getting this information, like flea markets. Also, I was able to make my luggage more compact and eco-friendly travel than before."

by Mickey Lin (Taiwan)



"I would like to use this service again!

New service! I really like it.

This service not only makes my luggage more compact
but also travel more eco-friendly as same time!
Hopefully, it will collaborate with Klook or other platforms so more travelers could join."

by YJ (Taiwan)


"I would recommend this service to friends and family!

Clothing rental and pre-travel concierge are good idea for travelers.

I could travel to Japan easier than before.
I want to suggest more styles of clothes for rental.
Hope to cheaper, 2nd hand clothes as well."

by Alex Ho (Hong Kong)




Overall impression of our service

Could you have easier travel in Japan than before?
Could you make your luggage more compact than before?
Could you travel more eco-friendly than before?
Could you get better travel information than before?
Would you like to use this service again?
Would you recommend this service to friends and family?


About clothing rental

What was your overall impression?
How easy is it for you to use our online shop when ordering?
How easy is it when you picked up your clothes at the hotel?
How was the packaging of the clothing rental on arrival?
What do you think of the use of furoshiki as packing material?
How was the clothing size, fit, and comfort?
What did you think of the clothing design?
Did you feel the bad smell of the clothing?
10.0/10.0 (No smell)
Could you return the clothes easily?

About pre-travel concierge

What was your overall impression?
Could you understand Google my maps?
What was your impression of our website for your itinerary, including maps and the season of food?



Many of our users have given us high marks for our services.
I am most pleased that we have received extremely high, almost perfect scores for "would use again" and "would introduce to friends and family."
Many of our guests have also shown appreciation by bringing souvenirs to Japan or treating me to a meal.
All the users also said they wholeheartedly support our company's service because it is excellent and meaningful. Thank you so much.
We want to make travel in Japan easier and more eco-friendly and to combine accessible tourism with sustainable tourism.
We look forward to your continued support.
Shinya Yamada

Price & Sizing Information

Rental prices are the same all year round. The number of clothes is the minimum guaranteed number. The number of clothing rentals may increase depending on the temperature. We will provide you with the most suitable clothing set depending on the latest weather forecast. See also Sizing Information.

The dates available for booking are 14 days ahead of the order date. See also Users' Guides.