Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I order the clothing rental service?

On our website, you can order a package based on the number of nights you’ll be staying. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email if you have any questions.

What should I do if the hotel/inn where we deliver the clothing rental differs from the hotel/inn where the customer returns the clothing rental to us?

Please inform us. We will need the name, address, and telephone number of the hotel/inn to send you a return letter for the courier company.

How do I order when staying in more than one hotel?

Firstly, if you are staying at multiple hotels, please understand that the delivery destinations for the rented clothes will also be multiple. It's akin to booking multiple hotels for different days.

For instance, consider a 6-night, 7-day trip (travel starting on July 1st and ending on July 7th) where you stay at three different hotels for 2 nights and 3 days each. In this scenario, the rental wear will have three different delivery destinations. For this, please order the 5-night, 6-day package once. Even with multiple delivery addresses, we will bear the shipping cost.

The reason for ordering the 5-night, 6-day package for a 6-night, 7-day trip is that you must wear your clothes on the final day (day of return). For ordering, input the initial check-in date (in this example, July 1st) as the "Pick up date" and the first hotel's address and phone number as the delivery destination. For subsequent hotels, please notify us of their addresses and phone numbers by emailing info@edokagura.com.

When you select the 5-night, 6-day package on the order page, the "Return date" will automatically be set as July 6th. However, the actual return should be made on the day of checkout, which in this example is July 7th.

The process may seem complex if it's your first time ordering our services. Please feel free to ask us any questions, no matter how trivial. Additionally, we will provide a detailed explanation about the collection and return of the clothes, so rest assured.

Please note that at our online store (Ninja Kotan), the packages are priced per night of stay, hence the ordering process as mentioned previously. However, for the KKDAY plan where you can choose the number of outfits, please be aware that shipping and cleaning fees will apply for each delivery address if you are staying at multiple hotels.

table 1

How can I order on the day of my return home?

The most crucial point is the order on the return day to your country. The clothing on the return day will be the customer's clothing. Therefore, please order your clothing rental up to the day before your return date. For example, if you check in on 5 July and check out on 7 July (return date), as shown in Table 1), please order a 1-night/2-days package and return the rental clothing on the check-out day, 7 July (the day you return to your country).

Also, as in the case in Table 2), if you plan to stay at the hotel for 1 night/2 days the day before your return date, you cannot order a clothing rental package. We will send two return bags to Hotel 2, where you will check out on 5 July. You should return clothing when you check out on 5 July (Hotel 2) and when you check out on 6 July (Hotel 3).


What rental items are available?

For the time being, we only rent clothing. All our rental clothing comes from the US luxury outdoor brand Patagonia. As you may know, Patagonia is a brand with an ecological, ethical, and fair-trade philosophy. Patagonia donates 1% of its sales to the corporate alliance “1% for the Planet” for the protection and restoration of the natural environment. So, by using our rental service, you can indirectly support this effort.

Can I order different sizes for tops and bottoms?

Please contact us once before placing your order. In our online store, you can only order the same size for tops and bottoms. However, if you contact us, we will send different sizes of tops and bottoms to your accommodation.

Can you send clothes anywhere in Japan?

Our service is available in almost every area of Japan; wherever courier companies operate, we deliver. Please contact us if you’ll be traveling somewhere that potentially has longer delivery times, such as remote islands. However, someone must be available to receive and return packages to the courier companies. Hotels and inns are fine. Please contact us before ordering if you are sending a clothing rental to a friend's house or for private accommodation.

Will the rental clothing be at my accommodation by the time I check in?

We want you to travel with peace of mind, so we deliver your rental clothing the day before you check in, and we send you an email to let you know that it has arrived. In the unlikely event that, due to extreme weather or other unavoidable circumstances, your rental clothing does not arrive at your accommodation before you check in, we will give you a full refund.

I’m concerned about the size of the rental garments. How can I check my size?
If there is a Patagonia shop near you, we suggest that you go there to check your size. Note that our rental garments are only available in the Patagonia Regular Fit style (as opposed to Slim Fit and Relaxed Fit). If you are still concerned about the size, there is a plan to send two sizes.

Can I select the rental garments I prefer?
No, you cannot select specific styles. We’ll send you a selection of Patagonia clothing in the size you specify for the number of nights you stay. We will send you the most suitable clothing for the climate based on the up-to-date weather forecast for your destination.

How do I return the items once I’m done?
You’ll receive a courier delivery slip along with your rental items. Simply place the slip along with the rental clothing in the bag provided and leave it at the hotel reception.

What happens if I lose or accidentally damage rental items?
A security bond is a payment made in advance by a customer to cover any costs for which the customer may be liable, such as damage and loss of the rental items. Security bonds can be refunded after checking the rental items. If the items returned to us are irreparably damaged or missing, we will deduct the cost of the damage or loss from the security bond you paid upfront.

When will I get my security bond back?
The full amount will be refunded to your credit card within 15 working days after the rental period has ended. 15 working days allow us to receive the rental items and confirm they have not been lost or damaged.

Can I also rent underwear and socks?
In the interests of hygiene, we do not rent underwear and socks.

Do you rent out clothes for children?
No, we only rent out clothes for adults. We offer sizes XS, S, M, and L for both men and women.

Can I be sure of the quality and cleanliness of the rental items?
All items are professionally laundered and stored properly in our warehouse. We also send you a deodorant spray, which is effective against odors, bacteria, and viruses, along with your rental items.

I don’t like the idea of wearing clothes someone else has worn. Can I still rent from you?
We offer a New Clothes Only scheme. If you choose this scheme, we’ll send you only brand-new Patagonia clothing.

I travel frequently to Japan and prefer to wear my own clothes. Do you have a service for me?
We also offer a clothing storage service for frequent visitors to Japan. We send your clothes to your accommodation before you arrive in Japan, and you send them back to us when you check out. We prepare, wash, and store the clothes. Email us to request our clothing storage service.

What's the difference between our online store (Ninja Kotan) and KKDAY?
The package "Rent clothing according to the length of your stay" is the same for both our online store (Ninja Kotan) and KKDAY. However, ordering from our online store (Ninja Kotan) is cheaper.
For the KKDAY plan "Rent by specifying type,” you can choose the number of clothing items. please note that if you stay at multiple hotels, there will be shipping and cleaning fees for each delivery address.

How does Ninja Kotan create itineraries?
1. Tell us your chosen travel destination in Japan. If you haven’t decided on a travel destination, tell us what interests you. Maybe you want to see historical buildings, enjoy the sea or mountains, visit attractions like amusement parks, and eat delicious seafood…to mention just a few!

2. If you already know where you want to travel in Japan, we’ll create an itinerary for you using Google My Maps.
If you are in a big city with a good transport network, you can use Google My Maps to find your way around.
If your destination is in the countryside, we’ll inform you how to get around, including transportation timetables and fare information.

3. If you haven’t yet chosen a destination, we’ll suggest destinations tailored to your interests. We’ll communicate with you by email and help you to create your ideal itinerary.

How much does the concierge itinerary creation service cost?
To celebrate our launch, we offer our itinerary creation service free of charge for one year to those who register their email address.

Price & Sizing Information

Rental prices are the same all year round. The number of clothes listed below is the minimum guaranteed number. The number of clothing rentals may increase depending on the temperature. We will provide you with the most suitable clothing set depending on the latest weather forecast. See also Sizing Information.

The dates available for booking are 14 days ahead of the order date. See also Users' Guides.