Pre-Travel Concierge

Concierge service

Our concierge service helps you plan your itinerary before you travel. 
Planning an itinerary for a trip to Japan is a challenging task, especially for travelers unfamiliar with the Japanese language. Ninja Kotan is here to help! Let us do the hard work for you.

We already have a database of over 20,000 tourist destinations. We can create an itinerary for your requests.

1. Tell us your chosen travel destination in Japan. If you haven’t decided on a travel destination, tell us what interests you. Maybe you want to see historical buildings, enjoy the sea or mountains, visit attractions like amusement parks, and eat delicious seafood…to mention just a few!

We will send you a questionnaire, "Questions for Japanese itinerary creation," to know your interest.

2. If you already know where you want to travel in Japan, we’ll create an itinerary for you using Google My Maps. If you are in a big city with a good transport network, you can use Google My Maps to find your way around. If your destination is in the countryside, we’ll inform you how to get around, including transportation timetables and fare information.

3. If you haven’t yet chosen a destination, we’ll suggest destinations tailored to your interests. We’ll communicate with you by email and help you to create your ideal itinerary. Our team at Ninja Kotan has created a one-week model route for travel in Japan to help you plan your trip!  


How to use Google My Maps

1: When using Google My Maps embedded in a website.In this example, we will use a map named "TOKYO MAP" created by Google My Maps as an example of an explanation.
First, click the window-like mark in the red circle on the upper left. Note that the red circle is only added by us for clarity and is not displayed on the map (the same applies below).

Google My Maps


2: Tourist attractions and restaurants that we have mapped on Google My Maps are displayed. Clicking on the name of a tourist attraction or restaurant will display the URL and photo of the tourist attraction or restaurant.


You can use the URL and read the description or look at the photos. If you find it interesting, click the arrow symbol in the top right-hand corner.

You can look at the transport from your current location to the destination you clicked on.

If you switch from Google My Maps to Google Maps, the URLs and photos of tourist attractions and restaurants will not be displayed. Please note.

3: When you click on the transportation you want to use, Google Maps will be displayed in the upper half of the screen to check the detailed map and transport routes on Google Maps.


4: If you want to check the next destination (another destination), please return to our website, displayed in Safari or Chrome, and display Google My Maps again.



Price & Sizing Information

Rental prices are the same all year round. The number of clothes listed below is the minimum guaranteed number. The number of clothing rentals may increase depending on the temperature. We will provide you with the most suitable clothing set depending on the latest weather forecast. See also Sizing Information.

The dates available for booking are 14 days ahead of the order date. See also Users' Guides.