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Many people get tired of traveling abroad.
Do you know what causes travel fatigue?

Heavy luggage is the leading cause of tiredness when traveling abroad.
Did you know that your heavy luggage traveling abroad can create health risks?

The NIOSH uses a load of 51 pounds (23.1kg) as the maximum recommended load weight to be lifted under ideal conditions. 

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is the United States federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for preventing work-related injury and illness.

Airline checked baggage limit of 23 kg is a standard to protect the health of airport workers.

Because of this NIOSH standard, many airlines set the checked baggage limit at 23 kg (50 lbs). However, this is only a standard to prevent health hazards for strong airport workers and is not a weight recommended to be carried by the average traveler.

Weight limit per piece of checked baggage (kg)

Note: For economy class

In addition to NIOSH, various other studies point to health risks for the transport of heavy luggage.

European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology

Prolonged carrying in one hand of more than 6 kg or 10 kg for young healthy women and men respectively should not be recommended, since it could lead to non-cardiovascular steady-states and EMG(ElectroMyoGram) signs of fatigue.

European Journal of Sport Science

Walking with no load or carrying 10, 15, or 20 kg in a backpack for up to 60 min causes an increase in physiological, metabolic, and perceptual parameters.

There are many other causes of travel fatigue.

Planning a trip is one of the biggest stresses in life

According to a survey, 42% of millennial travelers identified “travel planning” as one of their biggest stresses. ​ More than one in eight travelers surveyed spend 15 hours or more researching travel plans. 38% would be willing to pay a friend or travel agent up to USD134 to research them, and 40% would pay more for the trip overall to avoid having to plan it.

A JTB Corporation survey found that people’s No.1 hassle when preparing to travel abroad was “Packing” at 22%

The No.1 hassle after returning home was "washing and putting away clothes" at 48%

Your luggage also creates significant time wastage and lost baggage risk, ruining your trip. These frustrations can contribute to travel fatigue.

Time wasted waiting to pick up luggage at the airport carousel

No waiting time at the airport carousel reduces the risk of queues for train tickets to downtown

Checked baggage can get lost. The global cost of lost baggage in 2019 was USD2.5 billion. (Source: SITA)

Coin-operated lockers in tourist areas fill up fast

You are tired of working.
Do you need to be tired of traveling too? 

If you are not tired from traveling, you can spend more time with your happy family.

If you are not exhausted from traveling, you can make more time for yourself to relax!

The average weight limit for checked baggage is 23 kg, whereas the weight limit for cabin baggage is 7-10 kg. This means that many people travel abroad with a total of 30 kg or more of luggage.

The average weight of a normal supermarket shopping trip is 3.53 kg (in Osaka). They travel abroad with luggage that is 8.5 times heavier than their daily life. It would be strange not to get tired.

Heavy luggage when traveling can create a health hazard for you.

The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.

Socrates, the Greek philosopher

NINJA KOTAN offers you the lightest and easiest travel through clothing rental and pre-trip concierge.

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Our Services

Ninja Kotan offers clothing rental and a pre-travel concierge service

Clothing rental

All clothes are selected by our stylists and are from the US outdoor brand Patagonia.

Pre-Travel Concierge

We create your itinerary before you travel.

Easy to use!

1: Reserve easily online

Tell us your accommodation address, check-in and check-out dates, number of guests, gender, and clothing size.

Your clothes will be selected by our stylists. All clothes are from the US outdoor brand Patagonia.

We deliver your rental clothes to your accommodation the day before you arrive and send you an email letting you know that they are waiting for you.

2: Go on your trip

Set out without any baggage.

3: Pick up at your accommodation

Pick up your rental clothing at your accommodation.

4: Have an amazing trip!

Travel light without baggage.

5: Return to your accommodation

At the end of your trip, simply return the rental clothing to your accommodation at check-out.

Simply hand in the clothes along with the provided delivery slip at the front desk. No washing or cleaning required!

3 public authorities highly valued our company

Since we established our company, our business plan has been highly evaluated. We have received subsidies from 3 public institutions – the Japanese government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Shinjuku Ward. It is scarce for a business to be simultaneously valued by 3 major public institutions.

Comparison to similar services

Japan already has a service called Japan Hands-free Travel which transports travelers' baggage from the airport to their accommodations after they arrive in the country. This service spares travelers the hard work of carrying their baggage.​

However, this service is limited to accommodations located in a same-day delivery zone. And travelers still have to check their baggage on board, hiking up CO2 emissions.​

And it’s not a clothing rental service, so you still have to pack before departure and wash and put away your clothes when you get home. ​

Despite these disadvantages, the Japan Tourism Agency estimates that around 480,000 people use this service. We hope that many of these travelers will switch to our service to enjoy its many benefits.

Price comparison with other rental services

The average rental price for ski wear in Japan is USD33 per day, or USD1,201 if you rent 6 pieces per day for 6 days.

Typical mountaineering wears rental costs USD545 for six pieces per day for six days.

If you compare our price with other rental clothing services, you will understand the affordability of our worth, including the concierge fee and Furoshiki (wrapping clothes).

Our rental price is including the concierge fee and Furoshiki (wrapping clothes).


Satisfaction Guarantee

Get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

Secure Checkout 

Payment from the world's most popular & secure payment methods

Weather-appropriate clothing

We select clothes for your trip with reference to the latest weather forecast.

On-time delivery

We deliver 1 day before you check-in.

Detailed Service Descriptions and FAQs

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Rental service

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Suitcases were developed for steam train travel about 170 years ago.
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Would you like to go back to the 19th century? Do you want to move forward into the future?

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