Started business alliance with HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanshukan (Kagoshima)

Started business alliance with HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanshukan (Kagoshima)

EDO KAGURA Corporation (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinya Yamada) has started a business alliance with Nanshukan Co (Head office: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture; Director: Ryujiro Hashimoto). EDO KAGURA will begin offering the "NINJA KOTAN" travel service to guests of Nanshukan on September 1, 2023. This business alliance is our second business partnership, following The Peak Villa Suite Hokkaido. NINJA KOTAN is our service that provides clothing rental and pre-trip concierge.

Today, we would like to introduce our business partner, HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanshukan. 

HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanshukan is a long-established lodging hotel in Kagoshima City that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024. Under the concept of a "Delicious, Friendly, and Delightful hotel," the hotel continues to make innovative efforts, such as room renewal and various experience services, to meet the diverse needs of travelers.

The hotel is located just five minutes walk from sightseeing areas and Kagoshima's most prestigious shopping district, Tenmonkan.

In recent years, they renovated the guest rooms in a modern style, including gallery-style Japanese rooms with a theme of Takamori Saigo, dormitory-type rooms, and residence-type rooms. The hotel also offers a "2 or 3 Generation Plan" for families of three generations, from grandchildren to grandparents, and a "Doggy Plan" for those who can stay with their dogs. Their rooms and services that meet the diverse needs of domestic and international visitors are appealing.

The hotel also offers unique experiences such as shochu tasting service in the lobby and collaboration with rickshaws and tuk-tuks. These innovative guest rooms and services have been exceptionally well received by various travel reservation sites.

In addition, the "Kurokuma Nabe," which was the overall winner of the "National Nabe Colosseum," has been very well received by many guests from Japan and abroad. As shown in the photos below, the "Kurokuma Nabe" is also visually stunning.


Company Name: Nanshukan Co.
Facility Name: HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanjukan
Representative: Ryujiro Hashimoto
Location:19-17 Higashi Sengoku-cho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 892-0842
Establishment: April 1924


As an avid traveler who has been to Japan and overseas 200-300 times, the concept of HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanjukan as a "delicious, friendly, and delightful hotel" appeals to me (President Shinya Yamada). What travelers look for in accommodations can be summed up precisely in the words "Delicious, Friendly, and Delightful."

In addition to the "Kurokuma nabe" at HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanshukan, local cuisine alone includes the overwhelmingly famous "Satsuma-age" (called "Tsuke-age" in Kagoshima Prefecture), Keihan (Chicken rice), Tonkotsu(pork bones), chicken sashimi, Kibinago (Silver Striped Round Herring), and many more.



Kagoshima Prefecture has a thriving livestock and fishery industry. It is number one in Japan in the number of Japanese black cattle raised, the number of pigs raised, and the number of broilers raised. It also has the highest production of yellowtail, Kanpachi (greater amberjack), and eel farming in Japan.

In addition to Karukan and Kokuto (brown sugar), there are also shaved ice "Shirokuma" and other sweets.


As for beverages, Kagoshima Prefecture ranks second in the production of "Kagoshima tea (Japanese tea)" such as "Chiran-cha." While top-ranking Shizuoka Prefecture's production of Japanese tea continues to decline, Kagoshima Prefecture's output is on the rise, nearing 93% of Shizuoka's. It may only be a matter of time before Kagoshima Prefecture claims the No. 1 position.

Of course, Satsuma shochu is a must for any sake lover, and the shochu-tasting service at HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanjukan is the best you can get. Numerous bottles of Satsuma shochu are also available at the Kagoshima Prefectural Office, located in the elevator just inside the entrance.


For travelers who want to enjoy Kagoshima Prefecture's food, Tenmonkan is the ideal destination, home to nearly 100 restaurants offering a wide range of dining options. The Kagoshima City Tourist Information Center is conveniently located in Tenmonkan for visitors.


Why not stay at HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanjukan, a 5-minute walk from Tenmonkan, and enjoy "Delicious, Friendly, and Delightful" Kagoshima sightseeing?





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