Winter Has Arrived. Try Our Warm Outdoor Wear

Winter Has Arrived. Try Our Warm Outdoor Wear

December has ushered in the true winter season. In Sapporo, Hokkaido's largest city, the upcoming week's forecast includes many snowy days,, with temperatures often dropping below zero. The average temperatures from December to February are -2.5°C (December: -0.9°C, January: -3.6°C, February: -3.1°C), presenting a continued cold spell.

Hokkaido's snowy landscapes are popular among international tourists, but inadequate clothing can lead to a cold and unenjoyable trip. For instance, the average temperatures in tropical Southeast Asia from December to February are around 26.7°C (average of five cities, including Singapore), which is a staggering 29°C difference from Sapporo. Even in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the difference is 19°C, with their average temperatures being 16.9°C during the same period. Such significant temperature differences highlight the importance of choosing the right winter wear for travel to Hokkaido.

Therefore, we recommend renting our warm Patagonia outdoor wear. We offer delivery services to New Chitose Airport, Narita Airport, and Haneda Airport, ensuring comfort from the day of your arrival in Japan. As an officially recognized startup by Hokkaido University, we have in-depth knowledge of Hokkaido's cold climate and can provide the most suitable outdoor wear.

Enjoy a warm and comfortable trip to Hokkaido with our clothing rental service.

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