Business Alliance with Tsuruga Group, Leader in the Hotel Industry

Business Alliance with Tsuruga Group, Leader in the Hotel Industry


Our company, EDO KAGURA Corporation, has established a business alliance with four companies of the Tsuruga Group (Tsuruga Resort Co., Ltd., Tsuruga Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Hotel Yamaura Co., Ltd., and Abashiri Hokuten no Oka Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as 'Tsuruga Group'). We have commenced offering our accessible travel service for luggage and language, 'NINJA KOTAN,' to guests of the Tsuruga Group from January 1, 2024. Our collaboration extends to 11 lodging facilities of the Tsuruga Group, a top group in Japan's hotel industry, which is a great honor for us. Today, we are pleased to introduce the Tsuruga Group.


The Tsuruga Group was founded in 1955 with the establishment of the Akan Grand Hotel. Since then, overcoming many challenges, their 'Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga' won the 'JTB 2001 Excellent Service Ryokan Hotel' award, standing at the pinnacle among 4,600 inns nationwide. In 2006, it was ranked first overall in the 'Top 250 Popular Onsen Ryokan Hotels Chosen by Travel Professionals,' hosted by the Tourism News Agency, establishing the Tsuruga Group as a top-class lodging group in Japan. In 2009, they launched the 'Zero Carbon Project' and won the 'New Energy Award' from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in 2011. As an 'Eco Resort that can be Promoted Worldwide,' they actively support SDGs, contributing to the coexistence for the development of local communities.

Furthermore, Mr. Masayuki Onishi, President and CEO of Tsuruga Group (Tsuruga Holdings Inc.), holds key positions in several organizations, such as the President of the Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association and the Representative Director of the Japan Adventure Tourism Association.

The Adventure Travel Trade Association defines adventure tourism as 'travel composed of at least two of the following three elements: activity, nature, and cultural experience.' The Tsuruga Group's main base around Lake Akan is surrounded by the Akan-Mashu National Park and Kushiro Shitsugen National Park, attracting tourists with its rich nature. Various activities such as trekking, hiking, snowshoe walking tours, Nordic walking, and fishing are available at the Tsuruga Adventure Base SIRI. 'SIRI' means 'earth' in the Ainu language.


I have visited Tsuruga Group's facilities several times. Not only are the facilities fantastic, but the hospitality of the staff is exceptionally heartwarming, making it the ultimate resort experience. At their flagship hotel, 'Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga,' the variety of hot spring baths ensures you never get bored. The breathtaking views of Lake Akan and Mount Meakan from the observation sauna are captivating. The food is delicious, offering the ultimate hot spring experience. I haven't yet tried the adventure experiences at SIRI, but I am looking forward to doing so in the future.


Since our company registered as a travel agency last year, we plan to organize experiential tours (such as Ukiyo-e creation and Kumihimo braiding) for foreign tourists in Tokyo from February onwards. We intend to have foreign tourists visit the Tsuruga Group before and after touring Tokyo to experience the fantastic nature, food, and warm people of Hokkaido. Due to the temperature differences between Tokyo and Hokkaido, there is likely to be a demand for clothing rental. We also aim to reduce airplane CO2 emissions through clothing rental. Climate change is a critical issue for Hokkaido, where adventure tourism is a major tourist resource. We plan to create synergies in these aspects.

Please look forward to the synergistic effects between our company and the Tsuruga Group in the future.

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