Travel Agency Registration: Stepping into a New Era

Travel Agency Registration: Stepping into a New Era

Our company, EDO KAGURA Corporation, proudly announces a new beginning as a regional travel agency (Tokyo Metropolitan Governor's Travel Business Registration, Area - No. 8490) as of December 28, 2023. Our initial focus is on promoting the Shinjuku district and its surrounding areas. We aim to spread the allure of Japan worldwide by designing travel products tailored for international tourists. Furthermore, we seek to facilitate tourist flow to regions like Hokkaido, using Shinjuku, especially Kagurazaka, as a hub for travel and transportation information.


This new registration in the travel industry presents an excellent opportunity to introduce Japan's traditional crafts and culture to visitors. We intend to incorporate various traditional craft experiences from Shinjuku and other Tokyo areas into our tours, bringing Japan's rich culture and history closer to travelers. We are also eager to share the unique values of Japanese spiritual culture, like Zen philosophy, and our simple way of life with the world.


Integrating a clothing rental service into our travel products will reduce the baggage burden for travelers, offering a more comfortable travel experience. This innovative approach in the travel industry is a first in the world and aims to maximize CO2 reduction per traveler among Japanese travel companies. We believe that enhancing convenience during travel and reducing CO2 emissions are crucial for the future development of the travel industry.

Note: Based on carrying 20kg of luggage. Average data from New York, Singapore, and Taipei. Sources: ICAO 'CARBON EMISSIONS CALCULATOR', National Institute for Environmental Studies 'Data on Japan's Greenhouse Gas Emissions'.


Moreover, our clothing rental service offers an accessible travel style, particularly beneficial for elderly or disabled travelers. These initiatives are part of our commitment to promoting sustainable and universal travel. We aim to create a society where everyone can travel, accelerating our contribution to mitigating climate change.

With our registration in the travel industry, we are excited to plan new tours that convey the charms of Japan to the world and strengthen our collaboration with local communities. We are committed to revitalizing regional communities and promoting sustainable tourism. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from our company.



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