Highly valued by three public authorities

Highly valued by three public authorities

The following is an introduction that three public authorities highly valued our company (EDO KAGURA Corporation).

3 trophies

Since we established our company, our business plan has been highly evaluated, and we have received subsidies from two public institutions - the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In addition, Shinjuku Ward approved using shared offices (Shinjuku Ward Takadanobaba Business Incubation Support Center). It is extremely rare for a business to be simultaneously assessed and recognized by three major public institutions.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

This high evaluation from public authorities is because our business - travel clothing rental and pre-trip concierge - is expected to eliminate travelers' complaints about the hassle of luggage (preparation, transport, washing, and putting away) and the cumbersome itinerary-making process, as well as to have an overwhelming effect on CO2 emissions reduction. 20 kg of checked baggage is equivalent to 186 trees. The CO2 reduction effect of not carrying 20 kg of checked baggage on board an aircraft (round trip to Narita Airport) equals the equivalent of 186 plantation trees. Our service is a climate change action and sustainable tourism at its best.

It is also highly regarded as accessible tourism, as it eliminates the need to carry baggage, providing travel opportunities for a wide range of people, including families with children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

We hope you will use our service with confidence, which the Japanese Government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Shinjuku City simultaneously highly evaluate.

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