Do you want to buy lots of souvenirs in Japan? Here's a "Hack" for that.

Do you want to buy lots of souvenirs in Japan? Here's a "Hack" for that.

Many travelers look forward to purchasing souvenirs when returning from their trip to Japan. Japanese confectioneries, cosmetics, and clothing have gained high esteem abroad, with many people buying not just for relatives and friends but for themselves as well.


In fact, according to the "2019 Survey on Consumption Trends of Foreign Visitors in Japan," "anticipated activities before visiting Japan (multiple answers allowed)," "shopping," including buying souvenirs, ranked second at 52.6% (the top being eating Japanese food at 69.7%). Furthermore, shopping expenses constituted the largest proportion of travel expenditures at 34.7%, surpassing accommodation costs at 29.4% and dining at 21.6% (2019 data).

However, a common concern is, "My suitcase quickly fills up, and I can't buy as many souvenirs as I'd like." We suggest you come to Japan with an 'empty suitcase' and a small backpack, then fill the suitcase with souvenirs for your trip back home.

Because if you rent the most space-consuming clothes for international trips, your suitcase will be mostly empty when you arrive in Japan. And when you're leaving, after returning the rented clothes, you can load up your suitcase with as many souvenirs as you'd like.

Now, you might wonder, "Do I have to carry around an empty suitcase right after I arrive in Japan?" That does sound inconvenient. However, there's no need to do so. Here's the "secret technique." Stay tuned for our following newsletter to discover this astonishing "secret technique."

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