Easy Ways to Navigate Snowy Paths

Easy Ways to Navigate Snowy Paths

From December to February, Hokkaido and Nagano are adorned with beautiful snowy landscapes. However, pulling heavy carry-on bags on snowy paths can be challenging for travelers unaccustomed to snow, especially for those from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, or Hong Kong who may never have seen snow. The struggle is unimaginable, as depicted in the photo below.

Our clothing rental service provides a solution for difficult, snowy travels. We deliver rental clothes to hotels and airports, so travelers don’t need to carry heavy luggage. Rent our high-quality Patagonia outdoor wear to travel lightly and comfortably through the snowy regions of Hokkaido and Nagano.

As an officially recognized startup by Hokkaido University, we deeply understand the climate of snowy regions and provide the best equipment to enjoy winter’s charm fully.

Experience a comfortable and warm journey in Hokkaido with our clothing rental service. We are here to support your memorable winter trip.

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