Notice on the Service Improvements

Notice on the Service Improvements

Thank you for your continued support and use of our services.

We will be making the following improvements to our services:

Order Deadline:
Previously, the deadline for orders was set at 20 days before the hotel check-in date (start date of the rental). Starting today, this will be changed to 14 days before the check-in. This decision was made after realizing the demand from many customers for an earlier order deadline. With this change, we hope to accommodate those with last-minute travel or business trip plans, thereby enhancing the overall convenience for our users.

Sending Two Sizes for the Same Price:
Upon request, we will send two sizes of rental clothing to customers. Until now, we have not received any feedback regarding size issues. However, given the nature of our service, which delivers directly to hotels and doesn't allow for fittings, we understand that some customers may have concerns about sizing. Thus, we aim to alleviate worries about incorrect fit by sending two sizes. Customers can use both sizes sent and return them as they are.

With these two service improvements, our services will become even more user-friendly for our customers. Experience the joy of "Completely Luggage-Free Travel," enabling you to travel lightly in Japan and contribute to eco-friendly travel by reducing checked baggage. In fact, by reducing checked baggage by 20kg, you can cut CO2 emissions by 149kg for a round trip. This reduction is equivalent to the CO2 emissions an average person produces in 11.3 days, given a daily emission rate of 13.1kg (Note).

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding these changes or any other aspect of our service.

Note: The reduction of 149kg of CO2 for a round trip is based on an average from 19 countries with a high number of tourists to Japan. The CO2 emission factor used is 602g-CO2/km (according to ECTA's "Guidelines for Measuring Managing CO2 Emission from Freight Transport Operations"). To calculate the CO2 emissions from luggage for flights from your country, please use ICAO's "CARBON EMISSIONS CALCULATOR."


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