International Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day

Today, 22 April, is International Mother Earth Day, designated by the United Nations. 'The Earth and its ecosystems are our home' and 'we need to promote harmony between nature and the Earth.'

We aim to reduce CO2 emissions when traveling by air significantly. You can achieve this by using our clothing rental service and not carrying checked baggage.

For example, the CO2 emissions from 20 kg of checked baggage for a trip to Japan are 149 kg (average of 19 countries, round trip). These emissions are equivalent to 11 days of per capita CO2 emissions of 13.12 kg/day. In addition, a reduction of 20 kg of baggage by travelers worldwide would decrease 14.51 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. These emissions are more than 156 countries worldwide, including the Czech Republic, with 96.29 million tonnes, and Belgium, with 93.01 million tonnes.

Let's not give up on travel. Let's protect Mother Earth by drastically reducing our CO2 emissions.

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