Many local authorities and hotels have endorsed our services.

Many local authorities and hotels have endorsed our services.

Since the beginning of July, we have visited many local authorities, hotels, and railway companies to explain our services. Specifically, we visited the Hokkaido Government Tourism Bureau, Kagoshima Prefectural Government PR & Tourism Division, Hokkaido Tourism Organization, Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau, Sapporo Convention Bureau, Kushiro City Tourism Promotion Office Industry Promotion Department, Kushiro Tourism & Convention Association, Goshogawara City Urban and Transport Division, Kushiro Shimbun, and Yagan Railway and many hotels.

We want to thank everyone we have visited for their endorsement of our services and cooperation in expanding them. Thank you very much. The points that everyone appreciated about our services were that both the 'clothing rental' and 'pre-trip concierge' services contribute to improving the convenience of foreign visitors to Japan and are in line with accessible and sustainable tourism.

Reducing the amount of luggage by renting clothes means that travelers can travel lighter and more accessible, freeing them from the hassles of pre-trip preparations, moving luggage during the trip, and cleaning up afterward. The reduction in baggage also contributes to the elderly, disabled people, and families using pushchairs, which aligns with the principle of accessible tourism.

In addition, the reduced checked baggage on board aircraft minimizes the risk of lost luggage to zero and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. According to our calculations, a 20 kg reduction in baggage minimizes the carbon footprint of travelers to Japan by approximately 20%; the CO2 reduction is 21 times more effective than solar panels and 58 times more effective than electric cars one way to Japan (compared the effect per day). I know of no other CO2 reductions of this magnitude. It is genuinely an overwhelmingly efficient form of sustainable tourism. Moreover, as mentioned above, you can reduce CO2 emissions significantly despite easier travel.

In addition, we often hear that it is challenging to collect travel information due to the barrier of the Japanese language. In particular, 92% of regional travelers feel it is 'inconvenient' to use public transport in rural areas (Japan Tourism Agency survey). Our 'pre-trip concierge' provides information to solve this 'inconvenience' of local transportation and also provides a lot of travel information in foreign languages only available in Japanese. Interviews with users of our services have already proven that travelers' convenience can be dramatically improved through 'clothing rental' and 'pre-trip concierge services.'

We hope you will consider using our service, which is the 'future travel style' and has been evaluated by many users and local authorities, hotels, and railway companies.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Shinya Yamada

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