Our online store is now available at KKday Mall

Our online store is now available at KKday Mall

EDO KAGURA Corporation has opened a store in KKday Mall following our online store "Ninja Kotan." We will continue to support foreign travelers by providing clothing rentals and free pre-trip concierge service in foreign languages to help them have a great travel experience, even in the countryside in Japan, where there are many stairs and hills and few foreign language displays.


In addition, baggage reduction through clothing rental reduces the carbon footprint of travelers during their trip to Japan by approximately 20% (based on a 20 kg reduction in checked baggage). The daily CO2 reduction from baggage reduction is 16 to 42 times that of solar panels and electric vehicles, making it a significant contribution to limiting climate change.


KKday is a Taiwanese online booking site that sells local experiences and tickets to travel destinations. Offering more than 300,000 unique local experiences worldwide, KKday provides services that improve the convenience of travel planning by eliminating the need for travelers to arrange tours and tickets individually.

The KKday Mall rental service offers two plans: "Stay-Based Clothing Rental" and "Specify the Type and Rent."

The "Stay-Based Clothing Rental" plan is the same for the Ninja Kotan online store and KKday. However, the Ninja Kotan plan is less expensive. Like Ninja Kotan, this plan also offers a free pre-trip concierge.


On the other hand, KKday's "Specify the Type and Rent" plan allows users to choose the type and number of rental garments, with a flat price for rentals of up to 7 days. This plan meets users' needs who wish to rent only outerwear or innerwear for the winter season. For multiple hotel stays, we will charge shipping and cleaning fees for each destination. The "Specify the Type and Rent" plan does not offer free pre-trip concierge service.


With the opening of this new store, we expect to increase awareness and sales of our services through the KKday Mall's strong ability to attract visitors to Japan. We look forward to your continued use of our services.


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