Awarded the title of "Startup Launched at Hokkaido University"

Awarded the title of "Startup Launched at Hokkaido University"

We, EDO KAGURA Corporation, have been honored with the title of "Startup Launched at Hokkaido University" from Hokkaido University. The system of awarding titles to "Startup Launched at Hokkaido University" was established to support startups that were founded to implement the research achievements of Hokkaido University into society. It is a great honor for us to be recognized as a member of the Hokkaido University Ecosystem, a national university.

Our company aims to realize accessible and sustainable "Ultimate Luggage-Free Travel" for foreign tourists through our clothing rental service and pre-travel concierge. Furthermore, we seek to eliminate physical barriers (luggage) and informational barriers (Japanese language) to create a travel style that requires nothing but a passport and smartphone.


In addition, we are committed to significantly reducing CO2 emissions from airplanes by reducing luggage, thus contributing to limiting climate change. As part of this effort, we have joined the "Japan Climate Initiative." The Japan Climate Initiative is a non-profit organization in Japan comprised of private companies, municipalities, NGOs, and citizens.


Through "Ultimate Luggage-Free Travel," we aim to realize accessible tourism, enhance convenience for travelers, and work towards attracting more foreign tourists to local regions. We hope to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy, job creation, and the maintenance of local public transportation by promoting local tourism.


Hokkaido University ranked 22nd in the world (1st in Japan) among 1,591 universities worldwide in the "THE University Impact Rankings 2022," maintaining the top position in Japan for four consecutive years since 2020. The "THE Impact Rankings" is an evaluation by the British education magazine "Times Higher Education," assessing universities' social contributions, such as activities against climate change, gender equality, and health and welfare, within the framework of the United Nations' SDGs.


Hokkaido University is a national university that originated from Sapporo Agricultural College, the first modern institution of higher education to open in Japan in 1876. The establishment of Japan's first research institution in the field of tourism, the "Center for Advanced Tourism Studies," and other efforts toward SDGs, such as preserving rich nature, can have a synergistic effect with our company's aim of universal and sustainable tourism. With the awarding of the "Startup Launched at Hokkaido University" title, we hope to have more people experience the convenience of "Ultimate Luggage-Free Travel" and encourage participation in climate change-limiting activities.


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