Without Luggage, Escape from Plane Crashes Becomes Easier

Without Luggage, Escape from Plane Crashes Becomes Easier

In the airplane collision and fire incident at Haneda Airport on January 2, involving a Japan Airlines aircraft and a maritime patrol aircraft, all 379 passengers and crew members of the Japan Airlines plane managed to escape, an event that was reported internationally as a "miraculous escape."

This miraculous escape is attributed to the crew's accurate evacuation guidance and the calm response of the passengers. A significant factor in the smooth escape was that passengers did not carry their luggage.


During an engine trouble incident with a Japan Airlines aircraft at New Chitose Airport in February 2016, many passengers tried to escape with their luggage, leading to congestion in the aisles and chaos inside the aircraft. Although everyone managed to escape, attempting to take luggage could have led to a major disaster.

Recently, I rode the Tobu Railway's Spacia X express train, where I noticed large luggage from foreign tourists protruding into the aisle, obstructing the movement of the conductor and other passengers. In the event of an accident on this express train, such protruding luggage could have hindered escape, potentially leading to fatalities.


Quick evacuation is crucial. The obstruction caused by large luggage, preventing escape in an accident and risking lives, must be prevented. In the recent airplane collision at Haneda Airport, passengers escaped without their luggage, but no one is guaranteed to act similarly in future accidents. Therefore, minimizing or not carrying luggage during travel might be a fundamental solution to reduce escape risks during accidents.

Carrying large luggage is not easy in emergencies but even during regular travel. Our company promotes light travel by reducing or eliminating luggage through rentals. Having less luggage, as seen in the recent accident, can be life-saving. It may be time to reconsider the norm of carrying luggage during travel.

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