Do You Also Value Cleanliness in Your Rental Clothes?

Do You Also Value Cleanliness in Your Rental Clothes?

There's a certain elegance to freshly cleaned clothes, isn't there? We pride ourselves on ensuring that every piece of clothing you rent from us feels brand-new right out of the store.


1.We Use Only the Best for Your Clothes

We've partnered with the esteemed "WASH & FOLD" cleaning service. Not only do they offer impeccable cleaning, but they also use the EM (Effective Micro-organisms) detergent. This eco-friendly solution ensures your clothes are clean and gentle on your skin.

2.Why EM Detergent is a Game-Changer

A mix of beneficial bacteria like lactic acid bacteria and yeast, EM is environmentally conscious.

No more guilt over laundry wastewater; EM aids in ecological balance!

Trusted in over 150 countries, it's the go-to for maintaining our planet's beauty.

3.Rave Reviews All Around

Our customers have been thrilled! Many report a refreshing absence of unwanted odors from our cleaned rental clothes. A perfect score!

4.A Little Extra for Your Peace of Mind

We get it - sometimes you need a bit more assurance. That's why we include a handy clothing deodorant with every rental for that extra peace of mind.

So go ahead, indulge in the luxurious feel of our rental clothing, and wear them with confidence!

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