13th donut donation day:  EDO KAGURA Corporation made a forth donation to the Japan Braille Library.

13th donut donation day:  EDO KAGURA Corporation made a forth donation to the Japan Braille Library.

We made a forth donation to the Japan Braille Library through our Donut Donation Campaign. Thank you for eating our donuts when you traveled to Japan.

The Japan Braille Library commented at the time of our donation.

"Thank you very much for your support. We have accepted your donation of the amount you requested. We will use your generous donation carefully to fulfill the wish of the visually impaired to read books. We look forward to your continued support."

Today is the 13th donut donation day. We have a donut donation campaign that runs every ten days.

We invite you to join our Donuts Donation campaign. The email registers will receive a Mister Donut gift ticket, which you can use during your visit to Japan. After that, we will donate the same amount as the gift ticket to Japan Braille Library. The location of Japan Braille Library is a two-minute walk from our office.

Our donation to the Japan Braille Library will help visually impaired people access more braille books and information. We believe this campaign will lead to our Company's goal of a society where everyone can move freely and accelerate Accessible Tourism.

Would you like to help the Donuts Donation campaign by eating a free donut at Mister Donut? You do not need to purchase our services to participate in this campaign. All you have to do is eat a donut while visiting Japan.

If you support the Donuts Donation campaign, please tell your family and friends.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Through our clothing rental and concierge services, we want to make travel to Japan easier, more enjoyable, and more accessible to many people. And travelers can reduce their carbon footprint and eliminates the risk of lost baggage. We will contribute to saving the lives of endangered wildlife.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

We welcome you to order our services on your next trip to Japan.

Thank you very much.

EDO KAGURA Corporation
Shinya Yamada


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