How to Eat Ramen for Foreign Tourists (3)  Miso Ramen

How to Eat Ramen for Foreign Tourists (3) Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen

Unlike shoyu ramen and shio ramen, which have a long history, miso ramen is a recent development, having been developed in 1955 by Aji no Sanpei, a popular diner in Sapporo, Hokkaido. It is sometimes referred to as “Sapporo Miso Ramen. It is a Japanese-Chinese blend of ramen that combines miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning, and Chinese noodles.

Toppings that go well with miso ramen include pork cha shu pork, ajitama (seasoned eggs), menma (pickled bamboo shoots), and garlic. Stir-fried vegetables such as cabbage and bean sprouts also go well with them. Corn, butter, and other toppings originating from Hokkaido are also characteristic. In addition to pepper, hot sauce, and chili peppers also go well.

Local specialty ramen” includes Sapporo ramen (where it originated), miso curry milk ramen (Aomori Prefecture), and Akayu ramen (Yamagata Prefecture). Akayu ramen is a derivative of miso ramen topped with spicy miso and is called spicy miso ramen.

Miso ramen is year-round ramen, but its origin in the cold region of Sapporo gives the impression that it is ramen that people want to eat during cold weather. Miso is said to increase metabolism and warm the body.





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