Successfully Passed the Domestic Certified Travel Supervisor Examination!

Successfully Passed the Domestic Certified Travel Supervisor Examination!

Greetings to our valued customers and readers!

I am thrilled to announce that Shinya Yamada (CEO of EDO KAGURA Corporation) has successfully passed the Domestic Certified Travel Supervisor Examination. The results were announced on October 20th.


The Travel Business Law mandates this certification in Japan. It requires travel agencies and their representatives to appoint a Domestic Certified Travel Supervisor at each business location. This supervisor is responsible for explaining transaction conditions to clients and overseeing travel business operations.

I'm proud to report that my score was 92 out of 100 points, significantly surpassing the pass mark of 60. The pass rate for the 2023 examination was 35.7%.

EDO KAGURA Corporation plans to apply for a travel registration following this achievement. Our pre-travel concierge services, associated with clothing rental, have been provided for free. After acquiring the travel business registration, we will offer these pre-travel concierge services as standalone paid services.


We deeply appreciate your continued support for our services and hope to serve you better in the future!


EDO KAGURA Corporation


Shinya Yamada

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