Mapping data of Google my maps (Ibaraki)

Mapping data of Google my maps (Ibaraki)


We will post mapping data (in English and Japanese) of Japan's 47 prefectures from Google my maps to all email subscribers. This data is beneficial in covering all major tourist destinations. Please make use of this data when traveling in Japan.

This mapping data covers the World Heritage Sites, National Treasures, Important Cultural Properties, Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings, National Parks, and the 12 existing castle towers in each prefecture. The data covers approximately 20,000 sites throughout Japan.

We plan to consult with customers who order our services about their interests based on this mapping data and add data on restaurants and other facilities to provide them with the most suitable travel routes.

Please note that the information on national important cultural properties is still in Japanese, as so many of them exist. If there are important cultural properties that the customer wishes to visit, we will translate them into English.

We will provide data in traditional Chinese on request and an individual basis.

This time we will Post the map of Ibaraki Prefecture.

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