Want to visit "Hidden Gems in Japan" on your next trip?

Want to visit "Hidden Gems in Japan" on your next trip?

 1: Recognized as a "Top Contributor" in the Facebook Group

As some may know, besides this blog, we post daily information in English and Traditional Chinese on SNS (Facebook, Instagram). We are recognized as a "Top Contributor" on the Facebook group "Hidden Gems in Japan (Travel and Stay)" (31,000 followers). We invite everyone interested in "Hidden Gems in Japan" to visit our SNS (Facebook, Instagram).


2: Introducing "Hidden Gems in Japan"

As you know, we offer clothing rental and pre-travel concierge services. The pre-travel concierge service provides travelers with tailor-made itineraries. The pre-trip concierge service has received a high user satisfaction rating of 92. We invite you to use our service to create an itinerary filled with "Hidden Gems in Japan." We are now offering a free pre-trip concierge service to all customers who purchase a clothing rental to celebrate the opening of our online store. We have also created 8 itinerary models, which can be viewed at the link below.

Many travelers are tired of Japan's famous tourist destinations, such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, and want to travel to the countryside of Japan. However, the reality is that many travelers want to visit local sightseeing spots but cannot do so because of the limited foreign-language display on regional tourism bureau Web sites and transportation transfer information. In fact, according to a Japan Tourism Agency survey, 92% of foreign travelers feel inconvenienced by public transportation, and 44% feel disturbed by multilingual displays in local sightseeing. We would happily resolve these inconveniences for travelers and introduce "Hidden Gems in Japan" to you through our pre-travel concierge service.



3: Let's go to "Hidden Gems in Japan"

Another barrier to regional tourism is the lack of accessibility at railroad stations. Compared to Tokyo (94%), Osaka (83%), and Kyoto (63%), which have high accessibility rates, 33 prefectures (70% of all prefectures) have accessibility rates below 50%. This is very difficult for travelers carrying large and heavy luggage. Therefore, our company has made "Completely Luggage-Free travel" possible through our clothing rental service. By making it easier for travelers to visit rural areas and discover "Hidden Gems in Japan," we aim to enhance traveler satisfaction. Simultaneously, we are committed to boosting local economies and supporting financially struggling local public transportation systems.


Why don't you join us, a "Top Contributor" to the Facebook group "Hidden Gems in Japan (Travel and Stay)" and go sightseeing in the regions to find "Hidden Gems in Japan"?


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