Best 100 cycling roads in Japan

Best 100 cycling roads in Japan

Spring is the ideal season for cycling. We will introduce the Best 100 cycling roads in Japan.

Cycling roads in Japan

We present the model routes for cycle tourism set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. We have now listed 100 model routes. The Japanese Government designated six "NATIONAL CYCLE ROUTES" of 100 roads, which meet strict standards in terms of both tangible and intangible.

We looked at English and traditional Chinese websites for foreigners who need help understanding Japanese to experience cycle tourism in Japan. As a result, we listed 60 English websites and 46 traditional Chinese websites with links. Foreign travelers can easily understand the foreign language websites of the Okayama and Fukuoka prefectures. Both prefectures have various cycling routes, making them a good choice for many cyclists.

As travelers need to rent bicycles, we have also listed 66 sites where we could find information on bike rental on their official websites. We hope you will include cycle tourism as one of your travel options in Japan.

cycling roads in Japan

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