Private Zen Experience in Tokyo in English

Private Zen Experience in Tokyo in English

About Zen

Zen signifies a state of calmness and undisturbed mind within Buddhism. Originating in China, Zen Buddhism has flourished in Japan, evolving into major schools such as Soto and Rinzai.

Understanding Zazen

In the Soto tradition, zazen, or sitting meditation, embodies simply sitting (Shikantaza). It's seen not as a means to an end but the embodiment of enlightenment itself. The Rinzai school, however, incorporates koans (philosophical puzzles) into its practice, fostering a unique form of Zen dialogue through the presentation of one's koan understanding. The practice of zazen in the Soto School is the prevalent image of 'Zazen.'

The Soto School's Legacy

Founded roughly 800 years ago by Zen Master Dogen and Zen Master Keizan, the Soto School is a cornerstone of Zen Buddhism in Japan. It emphasizes perceiving the true nature of things and responding aptly, with zazen at its core. Dogen Zenji taught that all daily activities are Zen practice, advocating for the harmony of body, breath, and mind through sitting.

Zen Meditation at Denchuji Temple

Denchuji Temple, blessed by the third Tokugawa shogun, Tokugawa Iemitsu, offers a profound zazen meditation experience in English. With deep ties to the Soto Zen's main temple, Eiheiji, Denchuji provides a chance to explore oneself under a monk's guidance, ensuring an unforgettable experience.


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Denchuji Temple: A Sanctuary of Soto Zen

Since its establishment in 1628, Denchuji Temple has been a beacon of Soto Zen Buddhism. Its zazen practice dates back to 1640, reflecting a long-standing meditation tradition.


English Guidance by Monks

Our proximity to Denchuji Temple allows for direct English instruction by monks, facilitating a meaningful zazen experience without the need for interpreters.

Inclusive Opportunities, Chair Zazen

Denchuji Temple accommodates all, offering chair zazen for those unable to sit traditionally. Beginners and those with physical limitations are encouraged to participate, ensuring a welcoming experience for everyone.


Why not try Private Zen Experience in Tokyo in English?

Unlike typical group sessions, Denchuji Temple specializes in small, intimate groups, providing tailored instruction. This private setting ensures a deeply personal and enriching Zen experience, ideal for families seeking a unique cultural immersion. It would be ideal as a first Zen experience for children.

This "Private Zen Experience in Tokyo in English" at Denchuji Temple invites you to delve into the serene world of Zen, offering a personal journey through meditation guided by the authentic teachings of the Soto School.


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