Private Tokyo Samurai Experience in English: Embrace the Way of the Warrior

Private Tokyo Samurai Experience in English: Embrace the Way of the Warrior

Discover the profound depths of Japan’s warrior traditions through an exclusive "Private Tokyo Samurai Experience in English." Delve into the disciplined world of Iaido, the art of the samurai sword, at a dojo renowned for its historical legacy and esteemed techniques.

Mugairyu: A Pillar of Samurai Swordsmanship Since 1693

Established in 1693, Mugairyu stands as a historic institution where the art of the sword converges with the essence of Zen. Tsuji Gettan, a descendant of the legendary Koga ninja, founded this school with enlightenment intertwined with every strike and stance. With origins deeply rooted in the Zen temple Kyukoji, Mugairyu’s philosophy, 'The sword and Zen are one,' embodies the path to spiritual and martial mastery.

The Synthesis of Iaido: More Than Just Swordplay

Mugairyu Iaido is a unique synthesis of precise swordsmanship and the fluid movements of Jikyoryu Iai. This discipline extends beyond mere combat; it is a meditative practice focusing on the smooth draw of the blade, embodying the readiness and composure of a samurai in every aspect of life.

Experience the Strongest Swordsmanship School in Japan

Embark on a "Private Tokyo Samurai Experience in English" at the dojo of Mugairyu, a name synonymous with strength and skill in Japan’s martial history. Learn directly from seasoned English-speaking Iaido masters, and immerse yourself in the spirit and discipline that shaped the samurai ethos.

Unforgettable Private Iaido Sessions

The Musashinokuni Mugaikai offers private Iaido sessions tailored for intimate learning. These exclusive experiences are designed to ensure personalized guidance, making them perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Participants will also enjoy free rental of traditional Dogi and Hakama, enhancing the authenticity of their samurai journey.

Discover the Way of the Warrior: Private Tokyo Samurai Experience in English

In our "Private Tokyo Samurai Experience in English," you won’t just learn the techniques; you will absorb the ancient principles of respect and courtesy that are at the heart of samurai culture. Our sessions emphasize the time-honored tradition of 'beginning and ending with respect', imparting lessons that resonate far beyond the dojo.

Join us for a transformative "Private Tokyo Samurai Experience in English" and carry with you the indelible spirit of Japan’s ancient warriors.



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