Authentic Kumihimo Braiding Artisan Experience in Tokyo

Authentic Kumihimo Braiding Artisan Experience in Tokyo

Discover the Art of Kumihimo Braiding

Kumihimo, a traditional Japanese craft of intricately braided silk threads, is a testament to the skill and artistry of its creators. Originating from China alongside Buddhism, it has been woven into Japan's cultural and historical tapestry, serving various purposes, from decorative Buddhist cords to samurai weapon adornments.


The Evolution of Kumihimo

From its introduction to Japan, Kumihimo has seen a unique evolution, becoming an integral part of Japanese attire and ceremony while fading from its origins in China and Korea. This craft not only reflects the aesthetic sense of the samurai but also their spiritual discipline, intertwining with Zen meditation practices.


Authentic Kumihimo Braiding Artisan Experience in Tokyo

Would you like to delve into nearly 400 years of Kumihimo history and craft your own piece? At Domyo, one of the oldest Kumihimo studios established in 1652, you can explore the dual art of Kumihimo braiding and Zen meditation under the guidance of authentic artisans.

Kumihimo at Domyo: A Historic Studio

Domyo, with its main store in Ueno and a branch in Kagurazaka, offers a unique space for Kumihimo experiences, housing a museum and shop. Here, you can immerse yourself in the craft, learning from skilled artisans who provide instructions in English.


Experience Kumihimo Making

Participants are invited to witness the Kumihimo-making process up close, with live demonstrations and guided tours of the museum, where ancient braids restored by Domyo are on display.

The Zen of Kumihimo Making

Kumihimo making is an exercise in concentration and mindfulness, embodying Zen spirituality. For the samurai, it was a form of mental training, a practice that you can experience firsthand.

Create and Cherish Your Kumihimo

Take home a piece of this traditional art by creating your own Kumihimo strap, bracelet, or neck strap. It's not only a personal souvenir but also a connection to Japan's rich cultural heritage.

Explore Kagurazaka's Kumihimo Legacy

Enhance your Kumihimo experience with a guided stroll through Kagurazaka, a historic district known for its samurai residences and Kumihimo craftsmanship. Discover the area's rich history and its ties to this exquisite art form.

Join us for the "Authentic Kumihimo Braiding Artisan Experience in Tokyo" and weave your own thread into the fabric of Japan's cultural legacy.


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