How to Experience Both Authentic Dyeing Artisans and Samurai in Tokyo

How to Experience Both Authentic Dyeing Artisans and Samurai in Tokyo

Do you know Edo Komon?  

kamishimo was considered ceremonial attire for samurai.

Exploring the Essence of Edo Komon: Authentic Dyeing Artisan Experience in Tokyo

Edo Komon, a traditional Japanese dyeing technique, embodies the essence of Edo-era sophistication and subtlety. This intricate art form, developed during the Edo period, reflects that era's cultural richness and elegance.

Roots of Edo Komon

Rooted in the Muromachi period, Edo Komon traces its origins to the patterns used on samurai armor and family crests. Over time, these motifs transitioned onto garments, becoming a staple of formal attire, particularly the "Kamishimo" worn by samurai. A "Kamishimo" is a type of formal attire for men in traditional Japanese clothing. It consists of a "Kataginu," a sleeveless upper garment, and "Hakama" trousers, worn together over a "Kosode." In the Edo period, it was considered ceremonial attire for samurai.
Edo Komon

Emergence of Edo Komon in Everyday Life

During the Edo period, strict regulations governed luxury expenditure, leading to a flourishing underground fashion culture among both samurai and commoners. Despite limitations on materials and colors, artisans innovated within these constraints, perfecting the art of Edo Komon. The technique involved meticulous pattern carving on wooden blocks and precise dyeing, resulting in intricate designs barely discernible from a distance.
Edo Komon

Innovation and Symbolism in Edo Komon

Innovative motifs emerged, drawing inspiration from nature, daily life, and traditional symbols. From motifs like dewdrops, cherry blossoms, and plum blossoms to everyday objects like knives and the dragon kanji, Edo Komon encapsulated the diversity of Edo's cultural landscape.

You Can Experience Both Authentic Dyeing Artisans and Samurai in Tokyo

Visitors can delve deep into Tokyo's rich cultural heritage by embracing the essence of Edo Komon and indulging in the artistry of traditional dyeing and samurai training. Experience the elegance, sophistication, and craftsmanship of Edo Komon, a testament to Japan's enduring tradition of artistic excellence.
At 'Some no Sato Ochiai,' where you can experience dyeing, you can try your hand at Edo Sarasa table center dyeing. While Edo Komon mainly offers product tours and purchases, if there are many people, you may also have the opportunity to observe a dyeing demonstration of Edo Komon by artisans. Please feel free to inquire.
experience authentic samurai training
Additionally, just a one-minute walk from 'Some no Sato Ochiai,' there is the iaido (swordsmanship) dojo 'Musashinokuni Mugaikai,' where you can experience authentic samurai training. Why not enjoy both the Edo Komon, which samurai favored for their clothing, and the samurai experience at the iaido dojo in succession? You can experience both authentic dyeing artisans and samurai in Tokyo. By experiencing dyeing with real artisans and samurai training on the same day, there is no doubt that it will become an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.


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