Experience Hokan and Geisha Performances in Kagurazaka

Experience Hokan and Geisha Performances in Kagurazaka

Do You Know the Traditional Comedian "Hokan"? There Are Only Six in Japan Now.


Experience Hokan and Geisha Performances in Kagurazaka

Do you know what a Hokan (幇間) is? Hokan often appear in traditional Japanese arts like Rakugo storyteller, so it's a word worth knowing. The term "Hokan" combines the meanings of "help" (幇) and "relationships between people" (間), signifying someone who aids in social interactions.

A Hokan is a professional who entertains the host and guests at drinking parties by performing arts, assisting geisha, and enlivening the atmosphere. Historically, it has been a male profession. In the early Edo period, around the 1650s, Kabuki actors also served as Hokan.

Hokan is also known as "Taiko-Mochi" or "Male Geisha." The term "Taiko-Mochi" is still used today, albeit with a negative connotation, meaning someone who flatters others to gain favor. However, Hokan is respectfully called "Tayushuu." In modern terms, a Hokan could be likened to a clown or comedian.

The origin of Hokan is said to date back to Sorori Shinzaemon, a retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. When Hideyoshi was in a bad mood, Sorori would cheer him up, leading to the term "TaiKo-Mochi," which evolved from "TaiKo-Mochi," meaning one who flatters the Taiko (太閤 a title for Hideyoshi). Sorori is also considered a founder of Rakugo, leaving behind numerous humorous anecdotes.

Experience Hokan and Geisha Performances in Kagurazaka
In the 1930s, there were nearly 470 Hokan in Japan, but now there are only six. One of these rare Hokan, Matsunoya Hachiko, will perform at the traditional Japanese restaurant "Ryotei Yukimoto" in Kagurazaka. Yukimoto will host the "17th Kagura Goyomi" event, featuring Hokan performances on July 17th and 19th. Geisha will also perform, making this a precious opportunity to experience the traditional Hokan and Geisha duo performances from the Edo period.
Experience Hokan and Geisha Performances in Kagurazaka

Matsunoya Hachiko has performed in 22 cities in Japan and 22 cities in nine countries overseas as part of the pantomime group "Performance Theatre Mizu to Abura," winning numerous awards. By incorporating elements of pantomime, Hachiko creates unique Hokan performances, bringing a fresh breeze to the world of traditional Geisha arts. In addition to being a special lecturer at the Literary Institute, Hachiko's skills are utilized in corporate training sessions.


Experience Hokan and Geisha Performances in Kagurazaka

Experience this rare and wonderful traditional performing art, fused with modern pantomime, and enjoy the best duo performance between Hokan and Geisha in Kagurazaka. I have already made a reservation to attend.
Experience Hokan and Geisha Performances in Kagurazaka

17th Kagura Koyomi: Enjoy Hokan Performances

Date and Time

July 17th (Wed) from 6:30 PM for 2.5 hours, 25 seats only

July 19th (Fri) from 6:30 PM for 2.5 hours, 25 seats  only



¥35,000 per person (tax included)
  • Enjoy a course meal featuring seasonal ingredients.

  • Unlimited drinks, including beer, sake, shochu, and highballs.

  • Geishas will entertain guests with dances and songs.



Iidabashi Station (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Yurakucho Line, Toei Oedo Line) B4a Exit, 4-minute walk

JR Iidabashi Station West Exit, 8-minute walk

Ushigome-Kagurazaka Station (Toei Oedo Line) A3 Exit, 4-minute walk

Kagurazaka Station (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line) Kagurazaka Exit, 7-minute walk


For reservations and inquiries

Please call "Yukimoto" at Tel. 03-3260-1576.

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How to Access Kagurazaka

The Kagurazaka area is conveniently located within 30 minutes from any major station in Tokyo. This is because Kagurazaka is situated in the heart of Tokyo, at the center of the Yamanote Line. Please come and visit this convenient and charming Kagurazaka.
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