Opened a Sales Site for Traditional Crafts and Culture Experience Tours

Opened a Sales Site for Traditional Crafts and Culture Experience Tours


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our experience tour sales site, "" Our site offers "Authentic Artisan Experiences in Tokyo," centered around the Kagurazaka area in Shinjuku. Our mission is to provide foreign travelers with deep, satisfying experiences connecting with Tokyo's traditional artisans, monks, and geishas, fostering repeat visits, and contributing to preserving and continuing traditional crafts and culture.

Furthermore, we aim to encourage foreign travelers who have enjoyed these traditional crafts and cultures to visit other regions of Japan such as Hokkaido, Miyagi, and Kagoshima, thereby promoting local tourism.


Our unique experience tours are more than just tourist attractions; they are deep dives into Japan's rich cultural heritage, guided by the true bearers of its traditions. From Ukiyo-e creation experiences to Zen meditation sessions, each tour offers an authentic journey through the essence of Japanese culture.


Kagurazaka, with its 400-year history, provides the backdrop for many of our tours, allowing visitors to experience traditional crafts and cultures that have been preserved for 300-400 years. Once home to samurai residences and temple towns, this area now blends charming "Kagurazaka Geisha," shopping streets, and French culture, making it one of Tokyo's hidden gems.

Our goal extends beyond merely providing experiences. We aim to protect Japan's traditional crafts and culture, hoping that each traveler will become part of this magnificent endeavor. Whether learning the delicate art of braiding and dyeing, participating in Iaido (samurai experience), or appreciating the songs and dances of geishas, the participation of foreign travelers is essential for passing these traditions to future generations.


For those seeking a more immersive experience, we've also started offering paid options such as "Samue Rental," ideal for those participating in traditional craft experiences or exploring historic districts without compromising comfort and style.


We offer complimentary options to enhance your experience tour, including a "DSLR Photography Service" to capture beautiful moments, "Mobile Battery and Portable Wi-Fi Rental" for uninterrupted connectivity, and an "AI Translator" for smooth communication in 85 languages. Additionally, we provide garbage bags to address the concerns of many foreign travelers about the lack of trash bins.

Join us on this unique experience tour to explore, learn, and contribute to preserving Japan's wonderful traditions. Many of our tours are private, allowing families with children to participate. We look forward to sharing Tokyo's traditional crafts and culture with as many travelers as possible. Thank you.


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