Discover the Best Japanese Restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Discover the Best Japanese Restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo


Kagurazaka: Shinjuku's Hidden Gourmet Gem

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, Kagurazaka stands as a testament to Japan's rich culinary tradition, boasting about 500 dining establishments. This premier entertainment district is not just famous for its quantity but also for its quality, with over half of its restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide, making it a significant contributor to Shinjuku Ward's gourmet scene, accounting for about 8% of all Michelin-listed restaurants in Tokyo.
Kohaku: A Gourmet Journey in Kagurazaka

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Historically renowned as a geisha district, Kagurazaka offers an exquisite blend of high-end ryotei (Japanese restaurants) and a plethora of Western dining options, thanks to the influence of the Tokyo French Institute. This unique combination has earned Kagurazaka the nickname 'Japan's Montmartre,' attracting food connoisseurs worldwide with its irresistible cultural allure.
Fremch restaurant: A Gourmet Journey in Kagurazaka

Embark on an Authentic Izakaya Tour

Are you eager to delve into Kagurazaka's hidden culinary treasures with a local guide? Despite its fame among Tokyoites, Kagurazaka remains largely undiscovered by foreign travelers. Join us on an exclusive izakaya tour to uncover local favorites and navigate the Japanese menu with ease, thanks to your knowledgeable guide.
Izakaya: A Gourmet Journey in Kagurazaka

Experience Kagurazaka's Hospitality Culture

Indulge in delectable food and drinks while immersing yourself in enlightening conversations about Kagurazaka's history, Tokyo's evolution, and the intricacies of Japan's traditional performing arts. This interaction, possibly extending to fellow diners, offers a dining experience like no other, promising memories that beckon you back to Kagurazaka.

The Culinary Excellence of Kagurazaka

Kagurazaka's reputation for culinary excellence is unparalleled, with its restaurants not only abundant but of remarkably high standards. Among them, 20 are listed in the Michelin Guide, underscoring the area's significant contribution to Tokyo's dining scene and showcasing the exceptional quality Kagurazaka's establishments offer.
Maeda: A Gourmet Journey in Kagurazaka

Geisha District Hospitality: Best Japanese Restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo

The area's history as a Hanamachi (geisha district) plays a crucial role in the high caliber of its dining establishments. Kagurazaka's tradition of hosting banquets for dignitaries with geisha hospitality has set a high benchmark for local ryotei (Japanese traditional restaurants), fostering a culture of superior service and culinary expertise that continues to attract gourmets from near and far.
Geisha bar: A Gourmet Journey in Kagurazaka

Thriving Nightlife in Kagurazaka

Kagurazaka's vibrant nightlife scene is a direct result of its legacy as a geisha district, with a thriving presence of izakayas (Japanese pubs) and bars catering to the demand for evening entertainment. With hundreds of dining establishments within walking distance from Kagurazaka Station, including 67 izakayas and 74 bars, the area promises an unforgettable night out in Tokyo.

Join us in exploring the best Japanese restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and discover the gourmet wonders of Kagurazaka on an izakaya tour that offers a taste of Japan's unparalleled dining culture.

Iseto: A Gourmet Journey in Kagurazaka
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