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Our Services

We, NINJA KOTAN, offer clothing rental and a pre-travel concierge service.

Clothing Rental

We deliver the clothes to your accommodation the day before you arrive.
All clothes are selected by our stylists and are from the US outdoor brand Patagonia.

Pre-Travel Concierge

We create your itinerary before you travel.
We already have a database of over 20,000 tourist destinations. We can create an itinerary for your requests.

Through our clothing rental and pre-travel concierge service, we want to make traveling in Japan more accessible, convenient, and eco-friendly for travelers. We hope to create a world where older adults, disabled people, and travelers with infants and toddlers who have previously given up on travel can also travel. We would be grateful for your support.


“Three savings and
one richer experience in Japan.”

Save your costs

You can save USD 200-500 or more by clothing rental.

  • Save costs for checked baggage (USD100-400 round trip to Japan)
  • Save costs of storage in lockers
  • Save taxi costs (use of taxis as large luggage is inconvenient when traveling)
  • Lost baggage risk reduced to zero

Save your wasted time 

You can save more than 26 hours of wasted time by Pre-Travel Concierge.

  • Save time spent creating itineraries (21hours for one week’s trip)
  • Save packing time before the trip (1-2 hours)
  • Save waiting times at airport baggage claims (1 hour)
  • Save washing time and putting away clothes after the trip (2 hours)

Save our planet

You can reduce 20% carbon footprint when traveling to Japan.

  • The CO2 emissions by 20 kg of checked baggage on board an aircraft (round trip to Japan) is 149 kg (average of 19 countries with the highest number of tourists to Japan).
  • This amount corresponds to 19.6% of the average CO2 emissions of 758 kg per person traveling to and from Japan.
  • The 149 kg CO2 emissions equal 11.3 days of per capita CO2 emissions (global average 13.1 kg/day).

Richer travel experience

No luggage and light style, so you can go to the countryside where 'good old Japan' remains.

  • 51% of foreign visitors to Japan stay overnight in only three prefectures (Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto) (2019).
  • This concentration of foreign visitors to Japan creates over-tourism, causing conflicts with residents.
  • The Japanese countryside is full of hidden gems that foreigners are unaware of.

How to use our services

1: Reserve easily online

Tell us your accommodation address, check-in and check-out dates, number of guests, gender, and clothing size.

 Your clothes will be selected by our stylists. All clothes are from the US outdoor brand Patagonia.

We deliver your rental clothes to your accommodation the day before you arrive and send you an email letting you know that they are waiting for you.

2: Go on your trip

Set out without any baggage.

3: Pick up at your accommodation

Pick up your rental clothing at your accommodation.

4: Have an amazing trip!

Travel light without baggage.

5: Return to your accommodation

At the end of your trip, simply return the rental clothing to your accommodation at check-out. Simply hand in the clothes along with the provided delivery slip at the front desk. No washing or cleaning required!

Clothing rental

You can travel lightly from home to your accommodations. All clothes are from the American outdoor brand Patagonia. The clothes are selected by a stylist and delivered to the traveler's accommodation. Washing the clothes is unnecessary when the clothing rental is returned.

Pre-Travel Concierge

Depending on your request, we provide travel information (e.g., tourist attractions, restaurants, etc.), mainly on Google my maps. Our company already has a database of more than 20,000 tourist attractions. We also offer a wide range of travel advice. In particular, we can provide helpful information when traveling to regions of Japan where information in foreign languages is scarce.

Travel how you want !

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Customer Review

Would you recommend this service to friends and family?

Chen Ying-Chuan (Taiwan)

Your company has made this trip a fulfilling and memorable one.

I can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done.
I was satisfied with all aspects of the clothing rental service, including the quality of the garments and the ease of receiving and returning them.
I was also delighted with the concierge service. Your valuable advice made planning the trip much more manageable.

Loletta Lam (Hong Kong)

Responsive and helpful customer service.

Convenient online booking service. It was easy to pick up my clothes at the hotel and to return easily. It was an easy-to-use navigation tool for finding directions.I got accessible and detailed information about local people and culture.

Mickey Lin (Taiwan)

I was able to obtain valuable travel information that I could not get in Taiwan!

In particular, I recommend the pre-trip concierge. I am afraid the staff spent a long time getting this information, like flea markets. Also, I was able to make my luggage more compact and eco-friendly travel than before.

YJ (Taiwan)

I would like to use this service again!

New service! I really like it.
This service not only makes my luggage more compact but also travel more eco-friendly as same time! Hopefully, it will collaborate with Klook or other platforms so more travelers could join.

Alex Ho (Hong Kong)

I would recommend this service to friends and family.

Clothing rental and  pre-travel concierge are good ideas for travelers. I could travel to Japan easier than before. I want to suggest more styles of clothes for rental. Hope to cheaper, 2nd hand clothes as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Many local governments and hotels have endorsed our services

Since the beginning of July, we have visited many local governments, hotels and railway companies to explain our services. Specifically, we visited the Hokkaido Government Tourism Bureau, Kagoshima Prefectural Government PR & Tourism Division, Hokkaido Tourism Organisation, Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau, Sapporo Convention Bureau, Japan Universal Design and Tourism Association, Chitose Tourism Association, Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima, Cross Hotel Sapporo, Hotel & Residence Nanshukan, The Peak Villa Suite Hokkaido and Yagan Railway.

We want to thank everyone we have visited for their endorsement of our services and cooperation in expanding them. Thank you very much. 

Travel how you want !

Only email subscribers get a 30% discount on orders. 
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comparison with other Clothing rental services

Finally, big companies have followed our clothing rental service. On 5 July, Japan Airlines and Sumitomo Corporation announced the launch of "Any Wear, Anywhere," a clothing rental service for travelers. This clothing rental service is the same business model as ours, where the clothes are sent to the traveler's accommodation. A large company's follow-up proves our business's foresight and promise.

Differences between our business, NINJA KOTAN, and "Any Wear, Anywhere."

Rental clothing
NINJA KOTAN: Only luxury outdoor brand Patagonia
Any Wear, Anywhere: Unsold clothing

Travelers who can use the rental clothing service
NINJA KOTAN: All travelers
Any Wear, Anywhere: Japan Airlines passengers only

Pre-travel concierge
Any Wear, Anywhere: No

No more tired of traveling with heavy luggage!
Experience a new style of travel!

NINJA KOTAN offers the lightest and easiest travel through clothing rental and pre-trip concierge.

"I enjoy traveling to Japan. But I don't like being tired."
Our two services solve your dilemma.

Detailed Service Descriptions and FAQs

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Rental service

Get to Know Us

Our Purpose is to create a society where everyone can travel freely and happily. We want to bridge the travel divide and create a society where travel is accessible to everyone.​

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a lot of information that may be useful for travelers. For example, we’ve created food lists with English and traditional Chinese translations, along with photos and fish seasons by region. We’ve also prepared information on local and express trains, rankings of wheelchair- and stroller-accessible accommodations and restaurants, vegan restaurant rankings, and much more. 

​We hope you’ll find this information useful on your trip to Japan!

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