Final Three Months of Free Concierge Service

Final Three Months of Free Concierge Service

We are excited to announce that, as of December 28, our company will officially be registered as a travel business in Tokyo. Under Japanese law, non-registered entities are prohibited from charging for concierge services and other travel-related information. Thus, we have been offering our concierge services, including itinerary planning, for free.

However, with our official travel business registration, our free concierge service period will end in March 2024. Afterward, it will become a paid service. This is your last chance to experience professional itinerary planning by our team, who have passed the Domestic Travel Service Supervisor exam, at no cost.

Our concierge service spends approximately two hours creating a daily itinerary, totaling about 14 hours for a week-long trip. This would cost about 210 USD at an hourly rate of 15 USD, which we currently offer for free. Our services provide a wide range of travel information tailored to your needs, including recommended tourist spots, transportation options, and dining suggestions.

Check out our model itineraries for Japan by clicking the link. Don't miss this final opportunity to enjoy our concierge services for free until March 2024, after which it will become a paid service.

Thank you for choosing us for your travel needs.


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